The East Hanover Knights of Columbus Celebrating 50 Years

The Knights of Columbus was founded by a Handful of men at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut in 1882. The Founder was Michael J. McGivney a Catholic Priest. Our Common Bond is the devotion to the Catholic Faith & Our Brotherhood in Christ. Our Four (4) Key Principles are Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism. This is the Largest Catholic Fraternal Organization in the World with 2 million Members.
The East Hanover Knights of Columbus started in the kitchen & basement of Vincent Leo’s Home with the support of Father Bob Morris. Ten men of the St. Rose of Lima Parish started the discussion & to form the East Hanover Knights.  With the assistance of Thomas Dougherty on the Rules & Regulations of how to become a Council, twenty-five members were needed to start a Knights of Columbus Council.  They continued to meet over a two-year period & finally became Knights of Columbus Council on August 20, 1973. The EH K of C included 37 Charter Members: A. Andreano, A. Autullo, L. Catalano, R. Cerra, A. Cerra, A. Ciccone, M. Ciccone, F. Cistaro, F. Cochiarelli, A. Competiello, E. Corcoran, P. De Deo, A. Del Vescovo, T. Dougherty, L. Falzarano, F. Forte, B. Fressola, D. Gassner, A. Giuliano, J. Larena, M. Lavery, A Leo. V. Leo, J. Macaluso, W. McManus, R. Mollen, Rev. R. Morris, V. Muccione, R. Nattiello, F. Neglio, D. O’Mullen, J. Orest, J. Palmieri, O. Popp, C. Sarno, J. Tamasulo, F. Turner.  We gradually expanded the membership in time.  The Four K of C Principles of the Order: “Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism were imbedded in our Council. Today there are Close to 200 Members in the East Hanover Knights of Columbus Council 6504 which is considered one of the most active Councils in the Paterson Diocese.

EH KofC Founder Vin Leo

The East Hanover Council 6504 was always Blessed with Active Leadership and Officers. Here is a List of the Past Grand Knight Leaders: & Vincent Leo (Founder),  Thomas Dougherty, Joseph Larena, John Graeber, John (Desi) Brennan, Richard Barton, Anthony Giuliano (2 Terms), Paul McGuire, Randy McDonnell, John Boles, Joseph Palumbo, Martin Keating, John Spagnola, John Van Der Bas (3 Terms), Michael Tavolario, Frank Nolan, Carmine Fischetti, Thomas Hefter, Charles Branon, John Rapisardi, Peter Grasman, Richard Truzzolino, John Tomasulo, Larry Colasurdo, Ronald Angelo, Joseph Pasquarosa, Chris Virginio, Joseph Carvagno, Andrew Liebhauser, and Richard Koscielak. Notable & Dedicated Past Grand Nights were Tony Giuliani & Ron Angelo who Mentored many New Grand Knights & also passed down the mindset to safeguard the hard-earned fund-raising savings for future operating costs careful selections of worthy charitable donations. Ron Angelo kept Our Council On-Track with K of C Protocol & was also a Great Source of EH K of C Historical Records too. He also maintained the Annual Budget & the Accounting & Deposits of the People with Intellectual Disabilities Collections Year after Year, until he transferred to the EH K of C Council – Rev Joseph J. Donnelly Council in Highlands NJ.  PGK Joseph Carvagno & PGK Andrew Liebhauser have been Untiring Volunteers to the EH K of C, St Rose of Lima Church & Parish as well. In addition, Six Distinguished East Hanover Knights received the MSGR. John J. Sheerin “Sir Knight of the Year” Awards – Ronald Angelo, and Joseph Carvagno, “Patriot of the Year” Chris Virginio and Fred Donatelli and Neale Baxter for “Color Corpsman of the Year”. Our District Deputy 37 – George Coppola also received the “Best District Deputy in New Jersey Award” from Our the EH K of Council at the 2022 MSGR. Sheerin Assembly Communion Awards Breakfast!

The Hanover Manor – 6-4-17 -Kneeling L-R- Chris Virginio, Richard Truzzolino, Ronald Angelo, Joseph Carvagno. Sitting L-R - Deacon Vincent Leo, Vincent Piserchio, Rick Musso, Anthony Ryan, Robert Leach, Standing L-R Jim Giordano, Anthony Lodise, Frank DeMaio, Dennis Stolfi, William Salemme, Frank Callahan, Michel Trocchia, Richard Koscielak, Michael Pichowicz, & Brian Brokaw
The Hanover Manor – 6-4-17 -Kneeling L-R- Chris Virginio, Richard Truzzolino, Ronald Angelo, Joseph Carvagno. Sitting L-R - Deacon Vincent Leo, Vincent Piserchio, Rick Musso, Anthony Ryan, Robert Leach, Standing L-R Jim Giordano, Anthony Lodise, Frank DeMaio, Dennis Stolfi, William Salemme, Frank Callahan, Michel Trocchia, Richard Koscielak, Michael Pichowicz, & Brian Brokaw
Past Grand Knights 6/4/17: Frank Callahan, Ron Angelo, Joe Carvagno, Tom Hefter, Rich Truzzolino, Chris Virginio, & Deacon Vincent Leo
Msgr. Sheerin Communion Mass-Breakfast-Awards - June 5 , 2022 Sitting L-R George LaVecchia, Chris Virginio, Joseph Carvagno, Fred Donatelli, DD George Coppola, Robert Leach, Standing L-R, John Roselle, James Giordano, Vincent Piserchio, State Secretary James Sweeney, Joseph Carvagno Jr. Michael Trocchia, Randall Rossilli, Anthony Lodise, & Richard Koscielak
PGK Rich Koscielak purchased New Frames & Restored all the Past Grand Knight Photos that were previously taken down & stored in the cafeteria closet & mounted them onto the Wall in the Lounge for All to see the History of our Dedicated Past Grand Knights Leaders.

EH K of C Financial Secretary – Gregg Taylor  
Another Very Important Officer within Every Council is the Financial Secretary for they have a Very Demanding Responsibility and Role within their Council. Gregg Taylor Volunteered to take over the Financial Secretary position in July of 2020. He received a Welcome Letter from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson to reiterate the importance of this K of C Position within the Council and Thanking Greag for accepting this responsibility.  Since then, Gregg has done an Excellent job to handle EH K of C Membership Dues, Membership Rosters, Financial Updates, EH K of C Tax Forms, EH K of C On-Line State Forms, EH K of C Grand Knight Online Newsletter Communications, Other EH K of C Email Blasts to Members, and Help with any Other Administrative Matters. We are Very Lucky to Have such a Committed Officer to this important required technical Role. Thank-You Gregg!!
EH K of C Chaplain – Pastor Father Matthew Kranc Dedicated Partner& Promoter of the EH K of C
Grand Knight Richard Koscielak Nominated Pastor Father Mathew Kranc for the “New Jersey State K of C Chaplain Circle of Honor Award” For His Dedicated Support & Partnership with the EH K of C through the Years. The New Jersey State Council Reviewed 17 Nominees for the Diocese of Paterson and Unanimously Selected Pastor Father Matthew for this Prestigious State K of C Chaplain Circle of Honor Award in May of 2022.

EH K of C Chaplain – Pastor Father Matthew Kranc Dedicated Partner & Promoter of the EH K of C
Grand Knight Richard Koscielak Nominated Pastor Father Mathew Kranc for the “New Jersey State K of C Chaplain Circle of Honor Award” For His Dedicated Support & Partnership with the EH K of C through the Years. The New Jersey State Council Reviewed 17 Nominees for the Diocese of Paterson and Unanimously Selected Pastor Father Matthew for this Prestigious State K of C Chaplain Circle of Honor Award in May of 2022. 

Grand Knight Rich Koscielak Presents Pastor Father Matthew Kranc with NJ State Chaplain Circle of Honor Award 5-13-22

EH K of C – Membership Drives
Star Council Awards are Very Prestigious Awards given to Councils who can Grow their Memberships by 10% and their members also Sign up for the K of C Insurance Programs in the same year. There were Four Past Grand Knights who were Successful in Leading the EH K of C Membership Drive Efforts to achieve this Award. Joseph Larena in 1975-1976, John Graeber in 1976-1977, Lawrence Colasurdo led the EH K of C an Amazing Three (3) Years in a Row in 2004-2005, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 which had to be a Record, and Ron Angelo in 2009 -2010.

In October of 2016, Membership Director Rich Koscielak Revamped the EH K of C Membership Drive Program by Introducing a New Membership Drive Weekend Poster which displayed our Four K of C Principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism (with our related Council’s pictures Next to them) and that Poster was placed in front of Church before all Masses so potential Candidates would be aware or our Membership Drive before hearing our Into Drive Speech read at all the Masses by Our Past Grand Knights & Brother Knights to Promote the Membership Drive which included: National & Local Church & Community Programs we supported. We also Highlighted all the Family Social Events we could all enjoy with our Wives & Families. During this period, we added 29 New Members to the East Hanover scrolls.

In December of 2019, fifteen (15) 2nd Degree EH K of Knights attended the 3rd Degree Ceremony and became eligible to become Officers. This was one of the Largest EH K of C Degree Induction Ceremonies to Date.

Michael Kiszka, Joseph Carvagno Jr., Peter Napoli, Nicholas Sisto, James Giordano, Benjamin Cosentino, John Trezza, Robert Cosentino, Alan Politi, Stanley Garbowski, Father Matthew Kranc, Alfredo Silva, Deacon Ronald Forino, Darren DelSardo, & Dr. Giuseppe Marzella

Currently, we have three EH K of C Membership Drive Directors: – Robert Leach, Joseph Carvagno & Andrew Liebhauser who are also part of the Charity, Unity, & Fraternity (‘CUF”) Degree Team and Driving Excellent Recruitment Results Today which recently brought in 15 new candidates in since 2022.

K of C Training
EH K of C Council 6504 was always a Leader in K of C Degree Training Program to ensure we offered our New Candidates Quality Training & Induction Ceremonies at a convenient location into our Great Active Council Right here at Home. Our Degree Training/Induction Team was Second to None, And Our Leader Chris Virginio was Simply the Best, literally Memorizing EACH of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degre Lengthy Induction Ceremonies and Delivering them with Such Passion and Conviction. You would Never get tired of watching Chris and Our Degree Team Induct New EH K of C Members or Outside Members into the Order. I am Sure All Members still remember today each of their Degree Induction Ceremonies, because of Chris’s Commitment to the K of C Training/Induction Ceremonies and Our Degree Teams as Well.

Charity Unity Fraternity (“CUF”) Third Degree Training Certification 11/23/20
In November 2020, the East Hanover Knights of Columbus proactively learned the New Charity, Unity & Fraternity (CUF”) Degree Training and was the First Council in District 37 to Administer it to three New Candidates and be Certified. Our District Deputy George Coppola said the CUF Degree was Flawless and Certified our CUF Team. Our EH CUF Team included: Presiding Officer – Chris Virginio, Chaplain-Matthew Kranc, Grand Knight-Rich Koscielak, Presenter of Charity- Joe Carvagno, Presenter of Unity- Andy Liebhauser, Presenter of Fraternity- Robert Leach, Investing Officer-Vincent Piserchio, Warden-Neale Baxter and Financial Secretary Gregg Taylor. District Deputy 37 George Coppola was also pictured. The EH K of C Council has continued to successfully Administer the CUF Third Degree to several new Candidates since then.

Charity Unity Fraternity (“CUF”) Degree Training Team - Gregg Taylor - Financial Secretary, George Coppola- District Deputy, Richard Koscielak - Grand Knight, Matthew Kranc - Chaplain, Chris Virginio - Presiding Officer, Joseph Carvagno - Presenter of Charity, Neale Baxter - Warden, Andrew Liebhauser - Presenter of Unity, Robert Leach Presenter of Fraternity

EH K of C Safe Environment Program Training – EH K of C – Fully Compliant
Grand Knight, Community Director, Family Director, & Program Directors have All Completed the Praesidium – Armatus Youth Training Safety Courses.

EH K of C – St Rose of Lima Church Support & Partnership
The EH K of C Council has always supported the St Rose of Lima Church Pastor and the St. Rose of Lima Church over the years. Examples are: EH K of C Brothers Usher All Masses & Confessions, the Council Renovated & Painted the St Rose Rectory & Convent & School Windows. Coordinated the St Rose Masses in the Park, Joe Carvagno & His Wife presented Roses & Rosaries to Mothers of Newly Baptized Babies. The EH K of C Council also coordinated Spelling Bee’s, Free Throw Contest’s, Essay & Poster Contest’s.
Brother Knight Mario Accumanno Graciously Built the Beautiful St Rose Mass Signs in front of St Rose of Lima Church displaying Mass Schedules. The EH K of C Council also provided a Major Donation to the St Rose of Lima Church in 2019 for Renovations needed.

Mass sign from the front of St. Rose of Lima Church

The EH K of C also Donates to the St Rose of Lima Food Pantry regularly.
In March of 2020, Pastor Matthew Kranc & Grand Knight Rich Koscielak Signed a 20 Year Agreement between St Rose of Lima Church & the EH K of C to confirm the continuance of the support & services of the EH K of C for the St Rose of Lima Pastor & Church, and also define the use of the St Rose of Lima Church, Cafeteria, Gym and now new EH K of C Lounge, with advanced notice & approval by the Pastor & parish office.

In 2021, Joe Carvagno, Rich Koscielak, & Tony Scarpa coordinated the St Rose Sheds (4) Renovation & Painting Project with the St. Rose Youth Ministry. Brother John Trezza helped move the sheds so they could be painted in between them properly. The Sheds were touched up again in the Fall of 2022.

Each Year the EH K of C Sponsor the Pride in Priests Dinner at The Hanover Manor and the St Rose of Lima Pastor, Priests & Deacons & EH K of C Officers attend pay tribute to our Priests & Deacons.

The EH K of C have donated to the Local Priests Vestments and to the Seminarian Program.
The EH K of C Assist Your Brothers Team/Brothers Helping Brothers is led Brother Knight Fred Donatelli. They provide Transportation & Other services to Brother Knights in need.

Community Service – Projects
Built the Lean-To’s for the Boy Scout Camp, (called Camp Thunderbird), funded by cutting down trees & selling the wood which started Boy Scout Pack 120. They then went on to fund & build the Bandstand at Lurker Park. The Council planned to build a Block Bridge over a gulch at Camp Thunderbird, but the Bridge was never built.

The Council was also successful in getting the “One Nation Under God” Banners displayed on various Buildings around East Hanover. At that time, there was nothing the Council could not take on & be successful with. Bocce Courts were built in Uncle Bill’s Grove, which were later moved. The Council was instrumental with the Installation of the Lights at Lurker Park.

The EH K of C made a Tradition to conduct a Community Service Awards Ceremony each Year by recognizing the East Hanover Community First Responders & Other Community Servants with an Awards Ceremony in conjunction with the St Rose of Lima Mass in the Park, or more recently with the EH K of C Summer BBQ. The EH K of C also participated in the Annual East Hanover Columbus Day and Memorial Day Parades each Year with the Christopher Columbus Santa Maria Float built by the EH K of C Knights & proudly driven down Ridgedale Ave. by C&L Towing with the EH K of C Knights on board.

EH K of C Santa Maria Float at the EH Columbus Day Parade Father Owen Moran, Andy Liebhauser, Robert Leach, Joseph Carvagno Jr, & Neale Baxter Waving to the Parade On-Lookers

The EH K of C provided Community Awards to the EH Policeman of the Year, EH Firefighter of the Year, OEM-Cert Volunteer of the Year, EMS Volunteer of the Year, EH Senior Citizen of the Year, & the St Rose of Lima Catechist of the Year. They also welcomed the Awardees and their Families to Food & Refreshments at the Summer BBQ sponsored by the EH K of C. Each Year Sir Knight and East Hanover Councilman Frank DeMaio coordinates the Collection of Nominees from East Hanover and takes his personal time to prepare and present these important East Hanover Township Awards to Our Townships Finest, to Ensure they All know just how much we Appreciate what they do to keep our Township Safe and a Great Place to Live.

Fund Drives
The EH K of C Council Ran Carnivals for many years (which has now transitioned to the Italian American Club at Lurker Park every year), Blood Drives, & also raised funds from the Community to purchase Defibrillators to be placed in Police Cars. The Council also provided Hurricane Relief to Texas, Florida & Puerto Rico. The recent Blood Drives have been led by Michael Trocchia.
The EH K of C sponsored “Keeping Christ in Christmas” Mugs, Magnets & Christmas Bags Fundraisers were led by Robert Leach. More Recent Fundraisers included: March Madness Tickets, & Football Mania Tickets led by Joseph Musso, and the successful Annual Texas Holdem’ Card Events. Rich Koscielak recommended the Mike’s Texas Holdem’ from a Co-Worker in Bergen County, and Robert Leach has cultivated the relationship with Texas Holdem’ Mike and developed this EH K of C Texas Holdem’ Fundraiser with our Brother Knights to be a Very Successful Fundraiser for the E H K of C for several Years now.

In addition, The E.H. Knights of Columbus sponsors the “People with Intellectual Disabilities Fund Drive each Year, which is one of the largest Fundraisers we do each year, and we Collect for (7-9) Local Non-Profit Organizations (Autism Research-NJ Medical School, Rutgers University, Friends of East Hanover, The Arc of Morris County, The Arc of Essex County, Dominick’s Fund, Employment Horizon, Special Olympics of New Jersey, NJ Institute of Disabilities, International Rett Syndrome Association). Each year we invite these Non-Profit Organizations to our EH K of C Summer BBQs to give these organizations their checks in-Person. They are So Appreciative of our Brother Knights’ Hard Work to collect for them.

In 2019, The EH K of C People with Intellectual Disabilities Fund Drive was Co-Chaired by Rich Koscielak & Bill Salemme where they Revamped the EH K of C Disability Drive Collection Strategy to Stop Collecting on Street Corners & Route 10 and replaced that approach by Collecting Five Ways: 1.) E.H. Brother Knights Collecting in Front of Heavy Foot Traffic Local Stores over 4 Weekends Instead of One Weekend, 2.) Sending Letters to Local Businesses asking for Donations, 3.) Asking for EH K of C Brother Knights Donations with their Annual Dues, 4.) Collecting after St Rose of Lima Masses 5.) Setting up a Go-Fund Me Account for Donations, to Ultimately Provide the 7-9 Non-Profit Organizations with the Donations. This resulted in the E.H. K of C Collecting $30,000 in Donations that Year, and Our Wonderful Council Finishing in 1st Place in the State of New Jersey among All the New Jersey Councils participating in this Fund Drive in the State that year. In Addition, The EH K of C Presented each of the Local Stores who allowed us to Collect in front of them with an Appreciation Plaque for Our Gratitude to Help Our Success in this endeavor!

In Fact, The EH K of C has Finished in First to Third Place Eighteen (18) Times during in All the Years we participated in the “People with Intellectual Disabilities Drive”. Exhibiting Our Amazing Council 6504 Brother Knights Dedication to this most worthy cause. See the 18 “NJ People with Intellectual Disabilities” Awards Plagues Proudly Displayed on Our Lounge Awards Wall

EH K of C Lounge – Awards Wall

The Current EH K of C People with Intellectual Disabilities Fund Drive Chairman is Robert Cosentino who has done a Wonderful Job with this Disability Drive and led the Council to finish in 1st Place in NJ again. In 2023, Chairman Robert Cosentino did another wonderful job to lead our Amazing EH Brother Knights & together we Collected $25,000 for the 7 Local Non-Profit People with Intellectual Disabilities organizations CONGRATULATIONS to Chairman Robert Cosentino & the EH K of C Brother Knights for Your Unselfish & Untiring Efforts to Help these People in Need! Also Special Thanks to Mike Trocchia for Counting the Daily Collections and providing the Accounting for the Weekly Collections.

John Menegolla & Eddie O’Connor Exhibiting their Dedication & Spirit of All the Council 6504 Brother Knights EH K of C Knights Man-for- Man -- The Best Council in the State!!l

Donations & Charities
Every December the EH K of C purchases Toys and coordinates the distribution of these Toys with Santa’s arrival during the EH Tree Lighting Ceremony, along with Hot Chocolate to the East Hanover Families that attend. PGK Andrew Liebhauser Coordinates the purchase of Toys each year.

In July of 2020, the EH Knights of Columbus Approved Donating Sandwiches to the East Hanover Police Department as a Small Token of their Appreciation for ALL the Police Department Does to Keep Law & Order in East Hanover & Keeping East Hanover One of the Safest Places to Live! Sir Knight & Councilman Frank DeMaio & Grand Knight Rich Koscielak & Gloria Virginio visited Police Headquarters and Delivered Sandwiches to the EH Police Chief/Department for Two Shifts to be certain All EH Policeman knew the EH K of C Appreciated their services.

In March of 2022 Father Matthew indicated the Sunday, March 5-6th entire St Rose Collection would be Generously Donated to Aid the People in the Ukraine. Grand Knight Rich Koscielak let Father Matthew know that Supreme Knights of Columbus in Connecticut would Match Donations to the Ukraine, & we coordinated Communications to our EH K of C Knights, to ensure they contributed to the St Rose of Lima Church Donations that weekend, so Father Matthew could forward one Consolidated Donation to Connecticut to maximize the amount to be matched. We were Very Pleased to hear that over $35,000 was Collected during the St Rose March 6th, 2022, Weekend & Sent to Supreme Knights of Columbus Charities in Connecticut on Thursday 3/10. Father Matthew spoke to the Director of Charities & Confirmed that Our Entire St Rose Collection would be Safely Matched in the amount of over $70,000 Donation to the People of the Ukraine. This was an Example of Prayerful & Generous Donations by Father Matthew & the People & Brothers of the St Rose of Lima Parish & Timely Coordination & Communications between St Rose & the EH K of C to the Parish, EH K of C Brothers & Supreme K of C in Connecticut, to Help the People in the Ukraine in their Dire Time of Need.

The EH K of C also Donates to many East Hanover Families in need. In March of 2022 the EH K of C Donated to the Kinney Family.
The EH K of C also Donated to the following Notable Charities: The Local Veterans Administration, Annual Tank Pull benefiting Veterans, K of C Coats for Kids, Several Sources Shelter for Young Mothers, Market Street Missions, and Catholic Charities.
The EH K of C – St Rose of Lima Feast was held on August 25th & 26th 2023. Led by Grand Knight Vincent Piserchio & Chancellor Joseph Musso and their Committee: John Caprigilione, Steve Cosenso, Ben Cosentino, Darren DelSardo, Frank DeMaio, Jim Giordano, , Andy Liebhauser, John Roselle, Randy Rossilli, Michael Trocchia, & Frank Villaflor. This included Planning & Coordination by the Committee and many Brother Knights to help. The proceeds would help Local Charity Work of the St Rose Church & the Community going forward. There was a 5:30PM Mass in Lurker Park Celebrated by Bishop Arthur Serratelli and Father Matthew Kranc. There was a very good turnout for Mass in Lurker Park. Six Food Trucks, Activities and Entertainment were there throughout Friday & Saturday. Special Thanks to Mayor Pannullo & the Town Council for providing Lurker Park for this Event and to the EH CERT Team and All the Brother Knights who Once Again Volunteered their Time to Make this Event a Success!!

Social Events
There are many Social Events that the EH K of C Sponsors over the years for the Brother Knights and their Families to enjoy including: Wives Appreciation Dinners each Valentines Day Weekend (Larry Colasurdo & Richard Truzzolino. Enjoyed Leading this Event Year after Year) , Square Dances, Pancake Breakfast’s, “50’s Dances,” St. Patrick Day Dinner Dances, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer BBQ’s/Clambakes, Deceased Brother Knights Masses each November followed by Refreshments, Annual Breakfasts with Santa, December Christmas Parties for Brother Knights. Most Recently, Two EH K of C Teams participated in the E.H. Bocce Ball League. The EH K of C Brother Knights Play Cards in the EH K of C Lounge Every Tuesday or Wednesday Evening depending on Our Bocce Ball Schedules

New EH K of C Lounge
The EH K of C Officers & Members always wanted to purchase a site to set up a Headquarters for Meetings and or a room to relax and play Games or watch Sport Games on TVs. As time went on, Real Estate and Rentals became more Cost prohibitive. When the St Rose of Lima School Closed in 2016 due to diminishing attendance, Pastor Owen Moran was kind enough to offer the EH Knights one of the Basement Classrooms for a prospective future EH K of C Lounge. Father Owen knew that Knights initiatives was to continue to grow its membership and sustain our current membership. What better way to help this initiative than have a Lounge to help build our comradery. The EH K of C were very appreciative and evaluated this offer. It was then determined that one Classroom would not be enough space for a Lounge to accommodate Game Tables, Couches and Other Furniture to make the Lounge feasible. Father Owen reevaluated the Offer and Re-Designated Two Classrooms for the EH K of C Lounge. The EH K of C determined that the Wall between the Two Rooms had to come down and we had to have technical advice before that could be removed. This delayed the Lounge Project. Father Owen was relocated to another Parish in the meantime. Father Matthew was then appointed the New Pastor. Father Matthew Confirmed the Designation of the two classrooms for the EH K of C Lounge. When Rich Koscielak Took over as Grand Knight in 2021, he wanted to get the Lounge Project started and began to lead this Project by donating a Couch & Love Seat to Kick-off the Project, and Darren Del Sardo Donated another Couch & Love Seat shortly thereafter. This led to Brian Brokaw & Vincent Piserchio evaluating the technical feasibility requirements of the wall removal between the two classrooms. Several EH K of C Brothers volunteered to Demo and Paint the Room. Brian Brokaw & His Family Volunteered to Install a Laminate Bean to Secure the Two Drop Ceilings. Randy Rossilli Donated the Vinyl Floor and Led the Flooring Installation. Joseph Musso led the efficient Search & Purchase of Game Tables and the Bar. Rich Koscielak led the Refinishing of the Bar & Bar wall Unit & Relocation of Pictures, Awards, & EH K of C Historical Plaques onto the Lounge Walls.
Rich also coordinated the Lounge Dedication Evening to Neale Baxter, & Presented Awards to All the brothers who dedicated their Generous Time & Donations to the Success of the EH K of C Lounge on 5/10/21.

he EH K of C was fortunate to have many Brother Knights who Generously Contributed their Time & Monetary Donations to the Success of this Lounge Project: Father Owen Moran, Father Matthew Kranc, Brian Brokaw, Joseph Carvagno, Joseph Carvagno Jr., Nicholas Caponegro, Lawrence Colasurdo, George Coppola, Benjamin Cosentino, James Giordano, Richard Koscielak, Robert Leach, Andrew Liebhauser, John Menegolla, Joseph Musso, Vincent Piserchio, Alan Politi, Randall Rossilli, William Salemme, Joseph Scarpa, Anthony Scarpa, Gregg Taylor, Michael Trocchia, Terry Truzzolino, & Joel Valvano, Others who Donated in Neale’s Name – Patricia Baxter, Cynthia Hrebenak, Douglas Kroeger, George Pollock, & Karen Stephenson. There is an EH K of C Lounge Contributors Plaque that is Proudly Displayed in the Lounge Today!

New Financial Secretary Gregg Taylor 2020 Welcomed by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson Critical Responsibilities:
Membership Dues/Cards, Membership Lists, EH K of C Financial Report, EH K of C Communications to Members, EH K of C Website, NJ On-Line State Forms
EH K of C Strategies & Tactics were Developed by – GK Rich Koscielak – Reviewed/Approved by Membership – 4/11/22
EH K of C By-Laws were Updated by – GK Rich Koscielak Reviewed/Approved by Membership – 4/11/22

K of C Website/Facebook Award – Brother Knight Denis Stolfi won the Award for the EH K of C Website/Facebook page he developed & enhanced. – (June 2020)
These are Just a Small Sample of the Remarkable Things that The East Hanover Knights of Columbus Have Accomplished Over the Last Fifty years. By Now, You should have a Good Idea of What the East Hanover Knights of Columbus – Council # 6504 is All About & Stands for.

Front Row – (Left to Right) – Joseph Musso-Chancellor, Vincent Piserchio- Grand Knight, Michael Trocchia- Deputy Grand Knight, Gregg Taylor- Financial Secretary, Christian Lorent-Recording Secretary, Robert Leach-Treasurer Back Row (Left to Right) – Robert Cosentino-Advocate, Joseph Carvagno-Past Grand Knight & Board of Trustee 1 Year, Andrew Liebhauser-Past Grand Knight & Board of Trustee 2 Years, Richard Koscielak-Past Grand Knight & Board of Trustee 3 Years, Pastor Matthew Kranc Chaplain, Benjamin Cosentino-Outside Guard, Steve Cosenzo, Inside Guard, Michael Calabrese District Deputy, (Not Pictured) - Frank DeMaio- Warden

As we say in Our Membership Drive Intro Speeches to Potential Candidates:
“You will Get More Out of Joining & Participating in this Wonderful EH K of C Catholic Men’s Organization
Then You Put into It”

This EH K of C Council is Truly a Special Group of Dedicated Catholic Men Who Never Say No to Any Challenge & Have Successfully Delivered to the St Rose of Lima Parish, East Hanover Community & Other People in Need for Over Five Decades, & Have Been Blessed to Be Part of the EH K of C Council to Serve God & the Michael J. McGivney’s Vision!

 To the Senior Members & Founder Deacon Vincent Leo, THANK-YOU for Starting and Helping Make our Council a Better Place to be a Member of the East Hanover Knights of Columbus these Past Fifty Years!

To the Newest Members, Carry-On!! and Let the Spirit of Giving Freely Grow with You to be Better Catholic Gentlemen & Make the Next Fifty Plus Years Even More Successful!

God Bless the East Hanover Knights of Columbus & We Wish You Another Outstanding & Successful 50 Years Going Forward!!
Vivat Jesus!!!